Advanced In-Home Wound Care Services

At Home Wound Care, our goal is to improve access to advanced wound care in the Central Florida area.

Care Coordination

Our providers coordinate with Home Health agencies and your Primary Care Doctors if needed for continuity of care to ensure the highest quality of treatment, support and care.

Advanced Wound Care

Our Providers are able to take advantage of newer wound care treatments like skin substituters and regenerative medicine products. We utilize amniotic allografts, collagen grafts, antimicrobial wound matrix, and other specialty wound products.

Indicated Procedures

From wound cultures to wound debridement, each provider is able to perform simple to complex wound care procedures as indicated for each wound all in the patient’s home or our office.

Mobile Diagnostic Service

We can provide top quality wound care diagnostics without leaving the comfort of your home with Mobile Imaging X-rays, Ultrasounds, blood work and wound cultures.

What are amniotic membranes?

The amniotic grafts we can use are created from the innermost layer of the placenta, which nourishes and maintains an unborn child. It is comprised of regenerative molecules shown to help the body heal itself, which means a faster and less painful recovery.

The amniotic fluid contains a unique mix of bioactive substances such as collagen, adhesion molecules, and growth factors.

The amniotic membrane has been used to treat a number of disorders for decades, including the repair of cartilage, menisci, joint injuries and more.

Amniotic tissue has reported anti- inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti- fibrotic properties. Amniotic tissues are also thought to have “immune privilege,” reducing the risk of an adverse immune reaction.

All of this goes into the Ammniotic skin substitute grafts which we can use on most chronic or non healing wounds.

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